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Smith Acree Collection


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Welcome to True Innovation in Haute Natural Stone

Marble Walls

Marble Pedestial Sinks

Garden Patio Stone

Low Breakage

Achieve a breakage rate as low as 3-5%

Slim Thickness

Enjoy the convenience of lightweight sheets, weighing just 60lbs each


Seamlessly join with precision thanks to a 45-degree edge


Suitable for wet and heated areas

Coming Soon

1 ~ Our line of natural stone sinks marries distinctive designs with the innate beauty of hand-shaped stone basins with metal, in your choice of base in bronze or pewter.

2 ~ The Smith Wall™ innovation in natural stone cladding minimizes the greatest challenges associated with the installation of natural stone walls: high breakage rates, and complex and expensive installation. Our natural stone walls are sourced from natural stone blocks from Italy, Turkey, and Greece.  Each block is cut to our bespoke specifications to draw out the particular stone’s patterns and beauty.  

3 ~ Our Outdoor Natural Stone Collection enables discerning clients to incorporate advanced design into the outdoor spaces of the most elegant homes and elevated commercial spaces. 

About Us

The Smith Acree Collection team is dedicated to providing a concierge sales experience, ensuring your journey with us is nothing short of extraordinary. Welcome to a world where luxury meets sustainability, and every detail speaks of unparalleled sophistication.